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Glory Series:
Jets as an important part of a spa,it must be sturdy and durable,the jets we used are elegant beautiful.This the reason we called them Glory jets.Through motor`s movement, aimed at user`s back,waist and other parts of fatigable ,the jets are able to eliminate fatigue by the jet bath, accelerate the blood circulation, adjustable joints and so on.The jets are adjusted,you can control the power as your opinion to send out different massage force,and the tense muscles will get effectively relax.

Sport Series:
Sport jets can provide forceful thrust,the person in the jacuzzi can do exercise.Out of jacuzzi for doing exercise is needless.All the jets are removable,after you finish the fun bath,remove the jets to clean the jacuzzi and broken jet is easy to change,our jets also can be adjust power,rotated the jets different powers will push out from the jacuzzi,it can provide the most fitting power for the user.The person whom in the jacuzzi will have a warm and comfortable experience.

Swim jet:
A swimming pool must be have swimming jets,we use the most fitting jets for swimming.Big size jet is able to give you a different feeling,strong swimming jets push the water and air from the pool,you will Have fun enjoying swimming.Outside of the jet is stainless steel,it won`t rust .Inside there is a plastic mouth,you can move the direction of the mouth,so that you can get different deep swimmings.

Glory Series

2.2point-blank hydro therapy jets 2.2Rotary hydro therapy jets 2.5point-blank hydro therapy jets
2.5Rotary hydro therapy jets 3.5point-blank hydro therapy jets
3.5Rotary hydro therapy jets
4.5point-blank hydro therapy jets 4.5Rotary hydro therapy jets 5.0mightiness jets
10.JPG 11.JPG  
5.0point-blank hydro therapy jets 5.0Rotary hydro therapy jets  
Sport Series

2.5point-blank hydro therapy jets 2.5Rotary hydro therapy jets 2point-blank water jets

3.5point-blank hydro therapy jets 3.5Rotary hydro therapy jets 4point-blank hydro therapy jet

4Rotary hydro therapy jet 5point-blank hydro therapy jets  
Swim jet

9.0swimming jets    

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